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Merle Lines in the UK

Merle Database
Some time ago, in answer to members' concerns, this Database was compiled using information collated from the Kennel Club Breed Record Supplements and therefore in the public domain.  It is published on here by kind permission of the Kennel Club.  The original intention to keep it up-to-date by continuing reference to Kennel Club Breed Record Supplements was rendered unnecessary since Merles can no longer be registered, so this is a snapshot of the situation at the start of 2011.

NB: Not all dogs/bitches included in the Database are from merle lines BUT are dogs/bitches that have been used by merle-line breeders, either at stud or by purchased puppies, from UK breeders and exhibitors. There is also the possibility that some breeders of merle lines may be members of the KC ABS scheme. This Database is intended to give members the opportunity of ensuring that their breeding is not introduced into merle-line bred stock and to stress the importance of carefully checking potential stud enquiries and puppy purchasers.

To view the database, click the link. To save a copy to your computer, right-click on the link and choose "Save Target/Link As"

Merle Database

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