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Our Yearbook - 'The Chihuahua Chronicle'

Each year, going on sale at Crufts in March, the Club publishes a Yearbook covering the activities of the previous twelve months.  The book is known as the Chihuahua Chronicle, and is now in its 36th year of publication.  There have been several editors over the years, four cover designs, but only two price increases.  The Yearbook is currently edited by Bernard Coxhead.

The Yearbook contains the following sections:

  • A list of new Champions made up during the year (subject to Kennel Club confirmation);
  • A table of all the CCs (Challenge Certificates) and Reserve CCs awarded in each coat at each Championship Show that year, listing the judge, the CC-winning dog and bitch with their running tally of CCs to date, and the Reserve CC winners;
  • Tables of dogs and bitches for each coat winning the most CC, RCC and BOB awards, and those winning the most Best Puppy awards at shows with CCs on offer;
  • A list of 'Top Dog' awards made by the British Chihuahua Club and the dog showing press;
  • A gallery of new Champions made up during the year, with photo and 4-generation pedigree;
  • Three-generation Pedigrees for each CC winner of the year, listing the judges awarding those CCs and any CCs awarded in previous years;
  • Detailed results for each Championship show during the year in date order (with index) with judges, number of entries and the winners of each class (2nd and 3rd places are also given for Limit and Open classes, which count for a Stud Book Number), noting the winners of CCs and Reserve CCs, Best of Breed, Best Puppy, Best Veteran etc and any Group or BiS placings;
  • Principal results from all Breed Club Open and Limit Shows comprising names of judges, number of entries, and winners of BIS, RBIS, BPIS and BVIS.
We also include some general information about the British Chihuahua Club and the Rescue Association, obituary announcements for any well-known Chihuahua personalities or dogs that have passed on in that year, and the Affix List with contact details for those breeders and exhibitors who wish to be listed.  Last but by no means least, there is a large section of breeders' and exhibitors' full-page advertisements featuring stunning photographs of their prizewinning dogs.

As only four Champ Shows were held in 2020 due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the 2021 volume that covered that year was a special edition that included an extra section containing information and photos from the first twenty years of the Chronicle - top dogs, new champions, show judges and CC & RCC winners.

Yearbooks go on sale each year from the club stand at Crufts, and afterwards at our shows and from our Club Merchandise page.

Advertisers need not be BCC members. For Chihuahua breeders and exhibitors who wish to advertise in the Yearbook, advertisement order forms are available between 1st September - 31st December each year.  Some trade advertisements are also accepted.

Errata: Naturally, in spite of the best efforts of the Editor and helpful people who may proof-read the book before publication, some errors always creep in. If you want to correct the errors (that we know about) in your copy, you can find the known errata for each recent year here.  If you find another error, please let us know by emailing and we'll check and update the relevant section.

Page 82 - Longcoat results from Midland Counties Championship Show:
2nd in Open Dog was Lykath’s Flash Harry at Loroso (Mrs RL Morley)
3rd in Open Dog was Ch Tyssul Awel Y Mor in Pixels JW (Mrs L Cater)
3rd in Open Bitch was Ch Sleepyhollow Amarantos (Mrs L Humphreys)
Page 34 - Marco Livio Di San Gimignano per Silverchi is a dog, not a bitch

Page 3 - 'Tyssul Awel Y Mynydd' (1 x RCC) missed off list of Top Longcoat Dogs
Page 56 - please ignore the awards (CC, BOB, BIS) shown against 1st in OB at the SCCC champ show as they were left in by mistake during editing.

Page 28 - at Chi Club of S Wales, exhibitor for l/c JD was Miss B Newbery
Page 50 - at Leeds, exhibitor for s/c JB was Miss SL Berwick
Page 52 - at Bournemouth the winner shown for s/c PB is actually the MPB winner. PB was won by Dollybeau’s Penny Fitzgerald (Ms C Wells)
Page 66 - at W Country Chi Club the S/c bitch RCC went to 2nd in Limit, Garnox Picture This JW (Mrs E & Mrs M Lynch).

Page 10 - pedigree for Ch Amarantos Tobin should say first CC by C Sparrow not D Guy.
Page 94 - photo is by Ms A Fox (not Bornoz as shown)
Page 45 - Moonlightfire Norman Reloaded (1st in LD, CC & BOB) was later disqualified. 1st in LD now Dorenty’s Royal Albert.

Page 14 - the pedigree for Shumagda Isadora Duncan of Amberetta ShCM should show a CC in 2016 from Mrs I Horner and one in 2017 from Mr A Bendelow.
Page 17 - the pedigree for Diamonchi Astroman should show owner as Beverley Sutton.
Page 20 - the third pedigree on the page is that of Leander Baby Jane, not her sister Leander Jane Junior whose identical pedigree follows it.
Page 46 - 1st in s/c OD at Paignton, Diamonchi Astroman, owned by B Sutton not D Fothergill
Page 50 - l/c LB winner ‘Hollyel Kunzite at Ramrowan’ was exhibited by Mrs L Barber
Page 54 - smoothcoat judge at Driffield was Mrs J Wallhead
Page 58 - 2nd in s/c OD at NCCC, Diamonchi Astroman, was owned by B Sutton not D Fothergill.

Page 16 - on the pedigree for Titmouse’s Summer Breeze at Tyssul, the owner’s names should be Mr A & Mrs P Lewis, not as stated, and the breeder’s name is Ms Inger Marie Jensen.
Page 24 - the Smoothcoat Dog results for Boston as printed are those from January 2017. The 2016 results are as follows:

PD: 1st Copymear Character Mrs JA Eydmann
JD: 1st Jahneemahs Shock Encounter [RBD] Mrs E Huntley
PGD: 1st Chibull Lirhyco Dream Mrs S Bower
OD: 1st Copymear Ciceron at Lumanatii [BD] Miss L Anderson
    2nd: Copymear Conrad by Sandpony Mt T & Mrs D Ward
    3rd Dachida’s Mr Woo Mrs CA Davies

Page 37 - the Longcoat judge at Southern Counties was Mr N Farrugia
Page 40 - the owner of 1st in l/c Open Bitch at Border Union was Mrs EA Penman
Page 54 - the owners of 1st in smoothcoat Veteran Bitch at SWKA were Mr & Mrs Waddington

New Champions – Ch Peregrine Jp Go My Way is incorrect, should be Ch Peregrine Jp Go With Me
Page 9 - the BCC Stud-Progeny Trophy for Longcoats went to Hollyel Heart Of Diamonds, not the dog stated
Page 13 - Pedigree for IrCh Chantico De La Soul Jun Ch wrongly states sex as Bitch, should be Dog
Page 24 - At CCSW, correct name of 2nd in Smoothcoat OD was Diamonchi Mister Blue Sky over Nikitos.

Page 2 - the L/c Dog CC winner at LKA (Hollyel Topaz Chancer) was shown ending the year with 20 CC’s, should be 21
Page 14 - pedigree for Hollyel Topaz’n Diamonds incorrect, corrected pedigree below:

Hollyel Topaz'n Diamonds - Dog - dob 01/11/12, Owner/breeder Mrs LJ Adams
Ch Hollyel London Blue Topaz Ch Diella Buccaneer Ch Crosshouse Marico for Ballybroke
Diella Super Minx
Ch Hollyel's Topaz Angel Ch Crosshouse Marico for Ballybroke
Kimalia Wot A Babe
Copymear Red Mantilla Ch Hollyel Diamond Geezer Ch Crosshouse Marico for Ballybroke
Kimalia Wot A Babe
Ridgehawk Sheena Ridgehawk Sonata
Ridgehawk Springmoon
Page 41: winner of Smoothcoat Limit Bitch at Darlington was Garnox Ally Bally Bee JW (Mrs E & Mr WM Lynch)
Page 53: result for 2nd in Smoothcoat Limit Dog or Bitch at Belfast should read "2nd Garnox Ally Bally Bee JW [BB] Mrs E & Mr WM Lynch"

Page 18 - the pedigree for Ch Copymear Celebration incorrectly states sex as ‘Dog’ instead of ‘Bitch’.
Page 21 - the pedigree for Copymear Cruise Control has incorrect details for the sire, corrected pedigree:

Copymear Cruise Control - Dog - dob 04/05/12, Owner/breeder Mr DD Reece
Copymear Commitment Ch Yetagen Yardidit for Jacobinia JW Yetagen Yaryan
Yetagen Oops A Daisy
Arrendene Dizzy Dreamer at Copymear Ch Veejim Delta Force at Taradona
Arrendene Pleasure Seeker
Copymear Red Mantilla Veejim Silver Bullet Ch Fridy Jazz Solo for Afterglow
Veejim Euro Duty Free
Copymear Zena Hollmar Dancing Time
Meonshore Zane

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