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British Chihuahua Club Rescue Association
Registered Charity registration number 1094417

Secretary's Report for year 2005
from the minutes of the AGM held on 18th March 2006

I am now into my second year as Rescue Secretary, and I am sorry to say that things do not get any easier. For the year 2005 I have rehomed 31 Chihuahuas, most of them are older with bad teeth which the Rescue has to pay for them to be put right before they can be rehomed, and they are getting more difficult to rehome. Many who offer homes want young Chihuahuas, especially "tea cups".

Rupert and I had been getting more telephone calls than we could cope with, but I am now pleased to say that since the application forms have been put on the Internet, life has become easier. The only downside is that I have not spoken to many of the applicants. I must thank Mr Bernard Coxhead for all his help for rescue on the BCC Internet.

During this year I have been able to help several dog kennels with rehoming - Raystede in Sussex and Bristol Dogs Home, just to name two.

I would like to thank all those who helped me with Rescue throughout the year - my husband Rupert, Diane Lunney, Graham Foote, Kate Legg, Sue Lee, Sheelagh Christison, Helen Bannister and Cenivene Shallcross.

Pam Bungard
Hon Secretary

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