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British Chihuahua Club Rescue Association
Registered Charity registration number 1094417

Secretary's Report for year 2008

Another year has passed and Rescue does not get any easier.  We had to rehome 66 Chihuahuas again in 2008, and there may be even more in 2009.  Most of them have medical problems which have to be sorted out, and veterinary accounts get more and more expensive.  All Chihuahuas that come into Rescue are now microchipped in the name of their new owner, or existing chips are transferred.

I would like to say thank you to my many loyal helpers who include my husband Rupert, Kate Legg, Helen Bannister, Sheelagh Christison, Anne Preston, Tony Fitt-Savage, Diane Lunney, Sue Lee, Irene Jennings, Pat Keith and Graham Foote.  Special thanks go to Cenivene Shallcross and Sylvia Morris for hard work on the Rescue stall and the knitted toys, and to Margaret and Graham Foote for holding another Garden Party for Rescue which raised £883.00.

It was suggested at the last AGM that the Rescue Secretary should be offered an honorarium.  This was offered to me by the Trustees but I declined.  I feel that the BCCRA needs every penny it can get.

I had hoped to retire from being the Rescue Secretary at the 2009 AGM, but regrettably no successor has been forthcoming.  I shall continue for the moment but the Association really does need a new Secretary as I cannot carry on forever, and without a Rescue Secretary it would be very difficult to continue with rescue, and the ones who would suffer are the unlucky Chihuahuas who need our help.

Pam Bungard
Hon Secretary

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