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British Chihuahua Club Rescue Association
Registered Charity registration number 1094417

Secretary's Report for year 2009

Last year certainly flew by - 91 rescues were taken and rehomed by the BCCRA, all are neutered and microchipped (if already chipped, details are transferred).  Many of these dogs cannot go with children or other dogs, which can make re-homing difficult as many of the applicants would like another dog as company for their other dog.  Many of the dogs are up to size (i.e s/c 10lb, and many longs have been 8lb upwards).  We have also had many pairs and this can prove difficult as vet bills are very high, so they only want one dog.

I also have phone calls from Dogs Trust, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and the RSPCA.  hey work in a different way and ask for telephone numbers of applicants as they will not let me rehome their rescues, so I go through my books and ask my applicants to phone the above charities.  This can be very time-consuming and I hardly ever get a reply from the charity involved.

I was very surprised when I was asked if we had dogs put to sleep if we cannot find homes, I was shocked to think people would think this as we most certainly do not.

I would like to thank Sue Lee, Anne Preston, Phil and Linda Cater, Graham Foote, Diane Lunney and Kate Legg for their support in fetching and carrying at the drop of a hat.  Thanks also go to Cenivene for all her hard work and to Bernard for the excellent BCCRA website.  I cannot go without thanking Margaret and Graham for letting us once again have the use of their lovely grounds at Hunters Moon for another Garden Party.  This is very hard work to arrange to thank you on behalf of Rescue and myself.

91 Chihuahuas rehomed in 2009, and 14 to date in 2010. I cannot go without saying that without Rupert my secretary I would struggle, as he is my right hand.  We are pleased to welcome Denise Parker-Bowen as our Northern rescue helper.  Thank you Denise.

Pam Bungard
Hon Secretary

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